The Canlive Charitable Trust

The Canlive Charitable Trust provides education for cancer patients and their support network. We run cancer healing and wellbeing programmes to promote life style education as a means to wellbeing from our residential base in Wanaka, New Zealand. Canlive is a New Zealand satellite of the Gawler Foundation, a renowned centre for healing in Australia. Their philosophy is based on our body’s natural, inherent capacity to heal itself given the right conditions. The best way to discover what we teach is to read Ian Gawler's book: "You Can Conquer Cancer."

Healing Programmes

Canlive currently offers a 5 Day lifestyle based residential programme for Cancer, Healing and Wellbeing plus meditation courses. We are accredited facilitators, having completed training at The Gawler Foundation. We operate under a special agreement with TGF.

The Gawler Foundation

The Gawler Foundation has been working with people with serious illness for over 30 years since Ian Gawler’s recovery from cancer through self-help and a holistic approach towards wellbeing. As well as offering courses and support networks, The Gawler Foundation produces research articles on the benefits of a holistic approach.