The Canlive Charitable Trust

The Canlive Charitable Trust provides assistance for people with cancer. Canlive began as a New Zealand satellite of the Gawler Foundation, a renowned centre for healing in Australia. Their philosophy is based on our body’s natural, inherent capacity to heal itself given the right conditions. The Canlive Charitable Trust is able to offer financial assistance for education and counseling and attendance at Wellness and Meditation Retreats we endorse.

The best way to understand our philosophy is to read both, Ian Gawler's book: "You Can Conquer Cancer." and Kelly Turner's (Ph.D.) book "Radical Remission" These are available from us by making contact.

Healing Programmes We Endorse

The Aratika Cancer Trust

The Gawler Foundation

Liz Maluschnig for Counseling Sessions and/or Meditation Retreats