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Lake Wanaka

Stew Burt and Dr Helen Brown with the help of Trustees, formed The Canlive Trust to provide The Gawler Foundation’s programmes in New Zealand and offer assistance for Kiwis. They were later joined by Liz Maluschnig in a counselling and facilitator roll.

Stew Burt

Stew Burt

In 2003 Stew’s wife Liz was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma, a very rare and so called untreatable cancer. In 2004 Stew and Liz went on The Gawler Foundation’s 10-day residential programme and Stew discovered that support partners played a fundamental role in patient’s wellbeing. Stew considers The Gawler Foundation to be the only place they found hope. At the same time as Liz’s diagnosis, her brother was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Feeling a sense of hopelessness, he took his own life. Since attending the programme, Stew has been an advocate of The Gawler Foundation and felt compelled to offer hope to others. In 2007 he began fundraising to establish The Canlive Trust and trained to be a facilitator for the Cancer, Health and Wellbeing programme.

Helen Brown

Helen Brown was a GP and a mother of two young children. In December 2004 she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Told by Health Professionals that it was inoperable and with no radiation or chemotherapy available, Helen sought the help of Dr Charlie Teo in Sydney who agreed to operate. Later that year after a course of radiotherapy, Helen attended the Gawler Foundation’s residential programme where she learned to meditate. For the first time since her diagnosis, Helen found hope. Since then she has returned to the Gawler Foundation many times and is now a facilitator for the Cancer, Healing and Wellbeing programme and teaches meditation.

Liz Maluschnig

Liz Maluschnig

Liz Maluschnig is a Counsellor (MNZCCA), Spiritual Director and Registered Comprehensive Nurse.

She has spent 11 years nursing in adult haematology and paediatic oncology in Auckland public Hospital. Her desire to journey with patients emotionally as they struggled to be reconciled with their disease and often terminal prognosis lead her to leave nursing and train as a counsellor.

So in 1987 she left NZ to attend the University of the Nations in Hawaii returning to Auckland in 1990 where she began private practice and jointly set up Life Unlimited Counselling and Seminar Services. .During this time Liz travelled internationally and nationally facilitating groups and teaching seminars. In 1996 she moved to Wanaka and presently lives on a sustainable lifestyle block with her husband Steve, 2 children and a menagerie of animals. She continues to work in private practice as a counsellor and Parent coach working with adults, children and families at risk. She facilitates grief groups for children and parenting seminars.

In her counselling practice, Liz uses a client centered integrative psychodynamic approach honoring each persons life journey and spiritual resources.